Israel Breakthrough Research Prize


The Team registration must be completed by a “Team Leader” who: (a) is an Israeli employed by or appointed at the Qualifying Organization; (b) has the authority and permission from the Qualifying Organization to participate in the Prize on behalf of the Qualifying Organization; (c) has the authority to legally bind the Qualifying Organization to this Call, Terms and Conditions and any other required documentation contemplated in this Call and Terms and Conditions; and (d) is expected to be the individual leading the proposed research activities at the Qualifying Organization throughout the term of the award agreement.

Participants must choose which of the competitions they wish to apply, it is not possible to apply for both the Research Competition and the Competition for Startups.

The judging criteria can be found in the Israel Breakthrough Research Prize's Call for Solutions under term 6.2

Awards will be made to Teams from Qualifying Organizations only. To see if your team qualifies as a "Qualifying Organization, refer term 4.1 in the Call for Solutions under the Israel Breakthrough Research Prize on this website.

Submissions need to be in English to qualify for eligibility.

March 1st, 2022

Pending no delays due to uncontrollable circumstances, the winners will be announced during at the Climate Solutions Prize Award Ceremony & Gala in late October, 2022 or at a different time at the Organizers discretion.

You can click the "Get in Touch" button located in the "Contact" page of the website or send a direct email to

Israeli Start-Up Track


Applications are open May 31st to July 31st, 2023. The applications will be reviewed from August 1st to November 27, 2023. Finalists may be invited to present their pitches during the review process. Winners will be announced at the Final Event in Nov 2023.

The winners will be announced during the final event, Nov 27-30, 2023 or at a different time at the organizers' discretion.